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Cyprus 2019 United Nations General Assembly - Topic 2

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Vivienne Malone and Matthew McCormick


2019 United Nations General Assembly

Encouraging Disaster Risk Preparation and the Broader Fight Against Climate Change

In the past, Cyprus and its inhabitants used less electricity and as the country progressed the citizens started to use more electricity and causing a 47.7 per cent rise in greenhouse gas emissions between 1990 and 2012. The main reason for this according to the former environment commissioner was development, such as heating and cooling, the large number of cars, street lighting and new buildings. The citizens were starting to consume more electricity, water and fossil fuels. If this were to continue there would be horrible effects such as lower levels of perception, decreasing river flows; and adverse effects on forest fires, agriculture production, tourism and public health.

Earlier this year the president of Cyprus announced a government initiative that will help fight global warming in the Mediterranean and sponsor a €30-million climate-change research center at the Cyprus institute. According to Theodoulos Mesimeris, the head of the climate change division of the Cypriot environment ministry, “This is a priority issue for the government,”. The Mediterranean is now being labeled a “hot spot” for climate change affecting 24 countries and nearly 400 million inhabitants. Cyprus has recently began researching climate change. Since Cyprus is right in the middle of areas that will soon have a major issue with climate change, the location makes it a perfect place to begin researching climate change. A new project that began recently aims to monitor Mideast emissions that cause climate change. 

Going forward, Cyprus wants to continue to create different projects to help fight climate change. We aim for 16% of all energy to be renewable on the island. Cyprus has a great potential to use solar energy, the community in Cyprus has started to take measures to include solar energy in their homes. Cyprus would like to continue to use solar energy in homes and elsewhere. Our nation has an incredible potential to begin slowing climate change in the Mediterranean. Reducing the amount of electricity people use is also a crucial way to help the earth. Encouraging citizens and governments to begin taking part in renewable sources of energy will be an extremely helpful way to slow the issues that are arising. Cyprus proposes different kinds of media to be shared with people of different nations to motivate them to start saving the planet. This committee must also come together to start sharing the things that can happen if humanity doesn’t start to make change, we must prepare the people for what is to come so it isn’t a complete shock to the population who isn’t aware of the consequences. Obtaining universal plan to combat climate change that majority of nations can accept will be instrumental in reducing a disaster that could occur due to climate change.