Position Paper / White Paper

Nigeria ITU Council 2019 - Topic 1

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As a third world country, it is unlikely that we will have 5g access anytime soon. Our main priority with the 5g revolution is to protect our country from exploitation. We do not want companies using 5g as a way of exploiting our people. We currently have 4g throughout our country and it works fine. 5g seems unnecessary and we don’t really want to try it.

We believe that the ITU’s sole purpose is to protect its members' cybersecurity. Countries can experiment with 5g all they want, as long as they do not try to force it upon others. Until 5g is better understood by our nation, we do not want any part of it. There could be many unknown dangers of 5g that we want to protect our citizens from. We may eventually adopt 5g once it is proven to be safe.

Cost of 5G and whether or not people will be willing to pay a premium based on if the service is worth it. It needs to be a good investment for the country. We are concerned about the spread of misinformation quicker with the new network speeds as well

Nigeria is waiting to see how the public reacts to the idea of 5G before acting on it and implementing it. We have decided to put it to a vote and see if the general public would like 5G put into place in the country. We understand that many people are confused when it comes to 5g and we don’t want to make any major decisions without any public input.