Delegation from Mentor High

Representing Venezuela (Present Day)


White Paper

Position Paper for Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee


  1. Combatting Inequality of Education Within Developing Countries

Venezuela for the past decade has been working on gaining a higher education for all, higher education is free to all citizens. Venezuela also had one of the best education systems in South America. Venezuela promotes the establishment of basic universal education for all citizens as to give all citizens the skills to work a skilled labor job. Venezuela also wants countries to implement a better system for secondary/post- secondary education either by creating or expanding upon the current system and socializing it. Venezuela heavily promotes the socialization of all education and wants other countries to establish universal education. Venezuela wishes to further discuss the best solution and hopes to implement a system that works for the greater good of all world citizens.


  1. Promoting Humane and Proper Care of Refugees in Camps

Venezuela is currently facing a crisis as many of its citizens are fleeing from the country due to an attempted coup and ongoing presidential crisis. In light of this, Venezuela understands their citizens’ fears and hopes the refugee camps they are fleeing to are humane to our citizens and take proper care of them. Due to this, we repeat this sentiment for all nation’s citizens and refugees and want humane and proper care for the refugees in all camps. Venezuela promotes the equal treatment of refugees on the level of that nation's citizens and would wish for that country or money from international aid organizations whether from the UN or not to help in these camps. Venezuela wishes to further discuss the topic and make sure the resolution reached is fair to all nations and keep the well being or refugees in mind as a first priority.