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LEGACY Nigeria UNSC - Topic 1

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CIMUN 2009 Security Council Nigeria

Topic One: On the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan – Black Paper

     It is no surprise to anyone, with our large population and oil politics, that we are considered to be a regional superpower – rivaled only by South Africa. Over the course of several decades, we have been exercising our power through our support and creation of numerous regional organizations – most notably the African Union. The prevalence of crises in Africa is indeed a sad reality – dealt to us through the repressive rules of our colonizers, yet it is important to realize that at this point in history, much of the world’s altruistic forces are focused upon Africa, creating for us an opportunity to increase our influence and strengthen the foundations of the African Union. We recognize the need for international support, as legitimizing the influence of the African Union will prove difficult in a Council dominated by the Permanent Five, who all wish to strengthen their influences around the globe.

     In Africa, a majority of peacekeeping forces, unlike the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is run primarily by the United Nations. When that number is combined with non-governmental aid organizations, we are faced with a large, non-African source of aid and support. By working through the Security Council and redrawing the mandates of key resolutions, we wish to expand the role of the AU in all crises situations in Africa. Rather than a UN force in Africa, we envision an African Union force in Africa, heavily influenced by Nigeria and strongly supported by the Security Council – in effect, becoming the de facto UN power on the continent – and the international community at large.

     In all honesty, the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has greatly aided our cause. The use of AU forces in that situation has opened up a precedent of Council action through a regional body. We will argue that point heavily during committee sessions.

     Solidify and legitimize Nigeria and the AU: that is our real intent.
The DRC today, Sudan tomorrow, and all of Africa by the end of the Conference