Position Paper / White Paper

Comoros Arab League - 2018 - Topic 1

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Committee: Arab League, 2018

Topic 1: Reaffirming Iraqi Territorial Integrity and Promoting Reconstruction

Position: Comoros

School: Glenbrook South High School

Hugh Toomey


Comoros joined the Arab League in 1993 and of officially Sunni Islamic. In 1974 an independence referendum was held and almost 95% of voters voted for independence from France. Recently, Comoros has been working on creating a new government. However the region of Mayotte disagreed with the views of the other regions of Comoros. A constitution was created giving each of Comoros’ islands, (Grande Comore, Anjouan, Mohéli, and Mayotte) the power to rule autonomously. Each island will have a governor who oversees their island. A president is also decided who is incharge of the larger issues Comoros faces as a nation. Although Mayotte is considered an extension of france, Comoros still views it as their land. Comoros has dealt with disputes within its nation before and will be able to contribute greatly in discussing the issues within Iraq and its territory disputes.

Iran has been working to remove the Daesh from Iraq in attempt to gain relations with Iraq. but from the views of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Iran is secretly trying to overpower Iraq. Their goals have been in influencing Iraq’s politics away from Iran control. In essence they have been helping Iraq speak for itself. Given that both of these countries are sunni majority countries, Comoros has ample reasoning and opportunity to open relations with these countries.

In order to eradicate the Daesh, Iraq’s government must be strengthened so they can quarentein the Daesh and remove them later. The Arab League’s primary focus should be on keeping Iraq strong against the Iranian and Kurdish threats that challenge it now. Once Iraq has stabilized itself, moves can be made towards eradicating the Daesh. If action was first taken to remove the Daesh their would be no stable government to come in once the Daesh fall. By the time a new government is put in place new rebellions and coups would have formed. The Arab league should work together to create a government that is appealing to everyone in Iraq. Summits between different political leaders in Iraq could be held determining criteria for this new government. Especially in Iraq it should be an important goal to create a government separate from religion to keep religion from being the source of disputes in government and to remove at least one possibility for corruption. A Neutral government would really benefit a country such as Iraq especially because it has a population containing so many different views and beliefs. Creating stability in Iraq would be a huge step in creating stability in the entire Middle East and the Arab League is where that stability will start.



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