Position Paper / White Paper

Cuba ECOSOC (1948) - Topic 2

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CIMUN 2017


Economic and Social Council 1948


Republic of Cuba


The Republic of Cuba and the rest of the international community are now faced with the daunting task of resettling millions of refugees. This is why The Delegation of Cuba believes that all those displaced by the conflict known as World War 2, should be supported and resettled. The international community should all help those affected by the conflict get proper housing, food, and medical attention in whatever nation they resettle in. This framework will help millions of individuals who either had their homes destroyed in the conflict find new homes in many different nations around the world. This is why the Republic of Cuba approves of the United States ratification of the Displaced Persons Act. Furthermore this is also why that the Republic of Cuba, along with the United States, supports the creation of Israel for those members of jewish faith to resettle.