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Indonesia UNESCO (2017) - Topic 2

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Ethan Aylesworth


White Paper topic 2



    In the past, Indonesia has looked toward wealthier nations for support through the spread of technology such as cheap and efficient water purifiers. Indonesia formerly depended upon these nations and failed to establish much of a scientific community.

    Now, Indonesia's economy is booming, and has a huge growth of engineers and scientists of all kinds, and is ready to assert its role as a regional power player when it comes to water purification and the spread of scientific education. Indonesia now has the means and stability to set an example for, and support its smaller and undeveloped neighbors. Indonesia is currently expanding engineering programs in its vast array of state colleges.

    In the future, indonesia plans to spread water purification through not only the Aakash pocketsurfer that Indonesia has addressed in topic 1, but Indonesia plans to solidify the position of all state and NGO’s who play a role in the construction of water purification systems. Making a common technique will provide all nations with a common method, making it easy to learn and easier to teach.