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LEGACY China UNSC - Topic 1

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CIMUN 2011
Security Council
People’s Republic of China

Topic One: Security Council Reform – White Paper

      The People’s Republic of China believes Security Council reform to be an important part of the reform of the United Nations, something that is necessary in order to adapt to modern times. China supports reasonable and necessary reform of the Security Council to increase its authority and efficiency, and enable it to better fulfill the responsibility of maintaining international peace and security entrusted by the Charter of the United Nations. China believes that Security Council reform should give priority to increasing the representation of developing countries, those in Africa in particular. It should offer more opportunities to more countries, particularly small and medium sized countries, to serve in the Security Council on a rotating basis to participate in its decision- making process. China has also voiced its belief that India should be a larger participant in the United Nations.

      Since the People’s Republic of China was granted a permanent seat on the UN Security Council in 1971, it has been committed to the international system. With regards to the issue of Security Council reform China’s policy has been consistent. China believes that this is a highly complicated issue, and that the five core issues of Security Council reform are so interrelated that the proposed “step-by-step” or “piecemeal” approach would not work. In General Assembly Decision 62/557 intergovernmental negotiations were proposed. China applauds this effort as they have allowed for serious discussions on the core issues of Security Council reform. We believe that this reform process cannot progress until profound discussions on the core issues have taken place, and there is a deepened mutual understanding of each other’s positions. China stands ready to support the work of His Excellency Mr. Al-Nassar, president of the General Assembly, and Ambassador Tanin, facilitator of the intergovernmental negotiations.

     China is adamantly against setting an artificial time limit for the reform or pushing through any solution over which Member States still have serious disputes. China believes the best course of action is continued dialogue. This issue is one that involves the immediate interests of all Member States and accommodation of the interests and concerns of all parties to reach the widest possible consensus through extensive and democratic consolations. Though this will be a long and tiresome process, China truly believes this to be the best solution for the International Community as a whole. This is because this solution allows the International Community the time it desperately needs to both gain a greater understanding of each other’s beliefs, and develop a long-term solution which will encompass the desires of all Member States. China is committed to promoting a solution which will serve not just the desires of a few powerful nations but all Member States.