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LEGACY Morocco UNHRC 2016 - Topic 1

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CIMUN 2016


The Kingdom of Morocco

Topic I: Violence Against Immigrants & Refugees- White Paper

     Violence against immigrants and refugees has increased in recent years, due to the recent conflicts occurring around the world, most presently important is the Syrian Civil War. A refugee is defined, according to the 1951 Refugee Convention, as “someone who has been forced from their country by persecution, war, or violence and cannot return home… due to fear of violence.” The UN High Commission on Refugees, UNHCR, is tasked in protecting and supporting refugees around the world. Violence against immigrants and refugees has caught the attention of the Human Rights Council, and this attention is rightfully placed, because the numbers of refugees has increased in recent years, and so has violence towards them. Morocco is at the center of this problem because Morocco receives the largest number of refugees due to its location and proximity to recent conflicts. Morocco acknowledges that violence against immigrants and refugees is a problem, and the country has begun taking steps to stop this violence.

     A lot of refugees use Morocco as a midway point, with the final destination being Europe. An important land route ran through Morocco towards Spain, and between January and September of this year, a total of 284,500 migrants and refugees arrived to Europe by sea. Morocco has also already drafted, with help from the UNHCR, laws on asylum, which are to be turned into the Moroccan parliament before the end of this year. The UNHCR also gave Morocco its support by training judges, police officers, civil society, and lawyers on matters regarding asylum. Morocco has carried out several operations aimed at refugees, and they were community-based interventions carried out by volunteers. Morocco has also taken a concern on refugee youth, and so, to improve youth-inclusive programs and the relationship between humanitarian actors and the refugee youth, Morocco received consultations, directly with the refugee youth, from the ILO, UNICEF and UNHCR. The Kingdom of Morocco was also a contributor to the Syrian Regional Refugee Response Plan, which outlines the progress made by several organizations, including the UN, to provide assistance to over 4 million Syrian refugees. More efforts are continuously being made in order to establish a national asylum system.

     Morocco understands that a lot of the sub-saharan refugees in the country are suffering violence and abuse at the hands of security forces; however, actions are being taken and proposed in order to stop this ill treatment. In order to stop violence of immigrants and refugees, the Kingdom of Morocco proposes the resettlement of a majority of refugees and migrants to other parts of the world, since resettlement must rise globally due to the increasing numbers of displaced people. Resettlement to other parts of the world will also prove safer for sub-saharan refugees in Morocco, while laws are made and action is taken to decrease violence against refugees and migrants. Morocco also suggest that other ways of entering countries should be looked into, like humanitarian visas or private sponsorships. Violence towards refugees and immigrants could also be decreased if nations come together to provide safer and easier access/ transportation to refugees and immigrants. Also, the public should be made more aware of the situations that refugee’s face in order for more volunteers and private sponsorships to arise.