Position Paper / White Paper

LEGACY Bangladesh UNGA 2016 - Topic 1

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Committee: Disarmament and International Security

Topic One: Countering the Spread of Global Terrorism

Country: Bangladesh

Delegates: Shelby Miller and Lex Verb

The People's Republic of Bangladesh affirms the need for global terrorism to halt. Bangladesh emphasizes that all nations take the imperative steps to ensure the safety of their country and the surrounding nations. As a victim of multiple terrorist attacks, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh understands the intense need for a solution to this impending concern. The Dhaka terrorist attack took an immense toll on our nation, and so we fully understand the impact terrorism can have if brought on a country at a large scale. As a country that has fostered terrorism in the past, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh would like to emphasize our belief that the political stability of a country must also be influenced to stop terrorism. At the same time, considering Bangladesh's largely Islamic community, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh looks to improve the reputation of Islamic states while also fostering positive relationships between countries with different cultures.

In order to prevent further terrorist attacks, the Republic of Bangladesh looks to eliminate the  agents of terrorism. Some of these include, but are not limited to: internal political turmoil, radicalization via social media, a weak educational infrastructure, immense poverty, and regions that are in military conflict. Many of these factors may cultivate such terrorist attacks, and if the UN were to diminish these components then the spread of terrorism may eventually end. As a UN body, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh looks to unite with other member states over these commonalities between attacks to prevent future conflicts. The People’s Republic of Bangladesh would like to expand on existing solutions utilized by victim nations to form a comprehensive resolution to this issue. For instance, after suffering the brutal effects of the Dhaka attack, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh took necessary steps to secure stability within Bangladesh. This included closely monitoring social media to address concerns about further radicalization. The People’s Republic of Bangladesh believes that solutions such as this could be applied to other nations to further combat the spread of terrorism.

Bangladesh hopes to both work with nations that have been victims of terrorist attacks and support nations who have cultivated extremist agents of terrorism. Bangladesh is also concerned with the reputation that Islam has amidst an international level because the majority of the terrorist population practices this religion. The Republic of Bangladesh emphasizes that it is not the religion as a whole who are committing these crimes, but a select few. Bangladesh recommends that policies are put in place to ensure the respect toward Islam is established and upheld.

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh empathizes with Western and Asian nations who have dealt with the brunt of terrorism. However, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh also understands the negative connotations that Islamic nations carry. Thus, we maintain the beliefs that any solution that limits the freedom of religion would be both ineffective and immoral from any regard. The People's Republic of Bangladesh thus has a flexible position; we are invested in working with all different nations. Terrorism cannot be halted by just one nation, but a unified body. Therefore, The Republic of Bangladesh believes it to be imperative that all nations work together to defeat this pressing issue and take a multilateral approach doing so.