Committee: Historical General Assembly 1994

Topic 2: Development and Democracy in Central America

Country: United Kingdom

School: Verona Area High School

Delegate: Madelyn Vilker and Meredith Conley


The United Kingdom has long supported progress and democracy in Central America, and it will continue to do so long into the future. Support of this region in its continued economic development and stabilization of democracies would not only good for the United Kingdom:  both as an important source of natural resources and as important trading partners, but because it is advantageous for the entire world.  Greater peace and stability in this region will promote similar economic development and growth of democracy around the world.

In particular, Central America has been plagued for years in figuring out the proper way to develop and grow an efficient, and beneficial society. Continuing from colonialism to independence is a difficult journey, even with the support of the global community. The UK has long renounced its colonizing power in Central America, and would instead like to focus on the long-lasting conflicts left behind from civil wars that formed tears in societies. Fighting between the Guatemalan Government and revolutionary group, Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG) have held many casualties. Even as a small nation, Guatemala is in the top 25 of most dangerous places to live. While Honduras is conducting investigations of human rights violations as of the late 1980s, other states such as El Salvador have signed peace treaties between their government and revolutionary group FMLN, that have ended more than a decade of brutal conflict, and improved the judicial and police force as a whole.

In places like Haiti, poverty and natural disasters already cause thousands of people to flee their homes. Amassing debt and having economic instability as a country are just early signs of a deeply struggling nation. The United Kingdom supports and has sent delegates to The Mission in Haiti (UNMIH) which bettered and improved the quality of military and police force. The International Civilian Mission in Haiti (MICIVIH) is a UN peacekeeping mandate that was implemented to “verify respect for human rights” These programs better the community in Central America. The United Kingdom applauds states that have drastically improved conditions and pledges its support of resolutions towards and in support of improving living conditions in these areas

The problems that arise from poverty cut much deeper for the global community than just Central America. The United Nations has a responsibility to lead in Central America by supporting and nurturing its stable democracies, and to join them in advising other unstable countries in the region to follow their example. The United Kingdom has historically had a commitment to democracy and is fully committed to joining in efforts to promote and urge other European and North American countries to do the same.