Position Paper / White Paper

Benin AU (2017) - Topic 1

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African Union 2017


Fiona Schultz

Southwest High School

White Paper Topic 1: Ending the Civil War in South Sudan

The Sudanese Civil War, the Second Sudanese Civil War, and now the South Sudanese Civil War are a continuous chain of events that have torn both Sudan and South Sudan apart. The South Sudan Civil War has been raging for nearly four years now, resulting in divided religious groups, intense famine, thousands of civilian casualties, and a refugee crisis with millions of South Sudanese people displaced and forced to flee. The amount of violence has triggered many nations to fear a potential war located in the Great Lakes of Africa region. In several pursuits to curb the fighting, peace treaties have been made; all of which have failed. In this crisis, it is mandatory for the AU to work together towards ending this war. The situation is one that simply cannot be ignored or left to mend itself. The Republic of Benin stresses the importance of both finishing the civil war and dealing with the damage left in its wake.


Benin, like other members of the AU, agrees that it is necessary to stop the war before it becomes a continental, and potentially a global, conflict. While the end of this civil war is hopefully in the near future, Benin argues that South Sudan’s Civil War has created a crisis within a crisis. The major famine and refugee crisis produced from the war has grown startlingly. Millions in South Sudan are starving, leading to deaths produced not from violence, but from a lack of food. Benin is facing a similar hunger problem and wishes to bring the issue of starvation further into the spotlight. Hunger is sweeping the entire continent of Africa so the Republic of Benin suggests the involvement of countries outside of the continent.


Benin calls upon countries to provide not only food and supplies, but also space for South Sudan refugees seeking asylum. Physically bringing in other countries, for example countries from the EU, into the South Sudan affair could potentially result in a world war. Benin believes that it is important to stay away from invading South Sudan’s border with millions of outsider troops. Instead, countries from around the world would provide food, supplies, clean water and other necessities for the ailing refugees, IDPs and citizens of South Sudan. In terms of the physical end to the South Sudan War, Benin continues to press for a peaceful ending. Peacekeeping attempts made by the AU, while they haven’t been successful, are important to continue. While that has been considered a huge failure, Benin prompts the continuation of peace deals. The major violations of human rights from both sides of the civil war will not go unnoticed by the AU and shall be dealt with following the end of the war. In a situation like this, it is important to stay away from adding to the violence and instead continue working towards peace. The African Union must stay united and active in order to stop this raging civil war of South Sudan.