Position Paper / White Paper

Guinea UNGA (2017) - SOCHUM - Topic 1

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Country: The Republic of Guinea
Committee: General Assembly- SOCHUM
Topic: Protecting the Rights of Journalists and Whistleblowers
Delegates: Isabel Peterson and Alexis Hoglund

As long as there has been media, news outlets have clashed with governments and those in power. This continuing conflict between the media and government often results in repercussions towards the journalists. In 2016 alone, 259 journalists were jailed across the globe. Almost 50 journalists were killed. This marks 2016 as the lowest point for global press freedom in almost 15 years. This trend of hostility towards the media has surfaced in response to a variety of sources. These sources include the rise of authoritarian regimes, armed conflict, and general enmity between government and media outlets. 

The Republic of Guinea did not fulfill the title of republic until 2010. Before 2010, the Republic of Guinea was ruled under various dictatorships. Under this rule, journalists and the press received this unfair treatment. Journalists were subjected to violence, discrimination, and persecution. However, ever since the Republic's first democratic election in 2010, there have been very few journalists killed within our borders, with these murders unconnected to the state. Preserving the relationship between the Republic and media outlets is crucial in preserving our democracy.

Article 7 of our constitution states that the freedom of the Press is guaranteed and protected. The Republic of Guinea is not only dedicated to preserving these ideals within our own borders, but also to dispersing them internationally. The Republic of Guinea has worked with other countries within the United Nations to provide adequate protections for journalists. Unfortunately, the Republic has not found any of the current resolutions to be adequate. Thus, the Republic of Guinea would like to see continued discussions on the subject.

The Republic of Guinea is committed to the continued protection of free speech. We believe that freedom of the press, both through text and images, is an important part of a democracy. The Republic has taken ample steps to protect these rights, and we will continue to do so in the years to come.