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LEGACY United States of America UNSC 1994 - Topic 3

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CIMUN 2016

United Nations Security Council

The United States of America

Topic Three: Hattian government crisis– White Paper

The United States knows from its experiences in countries around the globe that intervention into the matters of other nations can often be difficult due to the tension built up in said nations.  Haiti is a nation that has shown no desire to amend its issues and has continued to advance its drug trade as well as continues to further violate human rights over the last three years.  For this reason, resolution decisions need to progress farther than simply diplomatic standards.  The United States of America has come to recognize the current Haiti government as a threat to both our national security as well as our efforts in pushing to lower drug trafficking in the Americas.

            The United States of America would like to assert that diplomacy is always the best solution, but will not always work.  Haiti has been approached diplomatically in relation to the aforementioned issues and has shown now desire to change its actions towards the global standing and its people.

            The United States of America would like to explain that at the current moment, the primary goal should be to remove the Cedras from power.  This process should initially be taken diplomatically, but if this fails, stricter measures should be taken to assure that the people of Haiti are guaranteed their humanitarian rights.

            The United Stated of America feels that the best way to help the people obtain their humanitarian rights is to change the Hattian government as quickly as possible so that foreign aid can be provided to the people without them having the need to leave their nation.  The United States of America feels that sending in troops, if the initial diplomatic negotiations fail, would be the best approach as it quickly usurps the government so that the aid can come in.

            The United States of America is only able to harbor so many refugees, so a long term solution needs to be solved sooner than later as any resolution means more money spent by the countries involved in both the funding of the relief effort as well as the countries carrying out the relief effort.

            The United States of America wants resolution to quickly be approached for the above reasons and supports an increase in military usage.