Position Paper / White Paper

LEGACY Croatia UNGA 2016 - Topic 1

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As a direct result of the countless conflicts taking place all arount the world, many of the citizens in these areas have been displaced and forced out of their homes. Through these conflicts, inreases in poverty. Economic collapses, civil wars, and terrorism millions of people have become refugees in areas all across the globe, and for this reason the delegation from Croatia recognizes this as a serious issue. As more and more upheavals take place in areas int he Middle East, the number of refugees measure close to that after World War 2. Many of these refugees are lacking many of the most basic things like food and clean water, and any suitable living conditions. In 2003 at the Migrant Convention the laws and actions countires can take when it comes to these refugees and migrants were outlined, and in these laws have drastically effected how these refugees are being treated and dealt with by nations around the world when these conflicts in the middle East and other areas have arisen.


In past Croatia has been made very aware to this growing conflict over recent history. After World War two Croatia took in many of the Jewish refugees displaced by the war. In more recent times the civil War during the 90s involvng Croatia and Serbia, along with the overall civil war caused millions of refugees, who were forced to leave all parts of Eugoslavia due to the war.  Recently Croatia has closed its borders along with Slovenia to stop many of the refugees from coming in from Syria and the Middle East, due to the economic situation, but has set up many border camps that have taken in thousands of refugees over the course of the past few months.

Croatia recognizes the severity of this issue of these countless refugees arising from conflicts in Syria and in other areas. As a country well accustomed this sort of crisis from having many of its own citizens being forced into leaving the country from the war we recognize the growing proble, and hope to work with the body to establish more refugee camps across Europe and around the world. Not only that but also to reopen many of the closed borders around Europe in an effort to help relocate many of these refugees to safe areas where they may be able to build a new life. Croatia is a large advocate for countries taking in large numbers of these refugees if capable, since the current situation is a huge violation of basic human rights.