Position Paper / White Paper

LEGACY Belgium UNHRC 2016 - Topic 3

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Kingdom of Belgium

United Nations Human Rights Council

Abigail Alikov and Hannah Sternberg

Guaranteeing Access to High Quality Medical Care in the Developing World

“In Belgium, the most important health care goal is access to medical care. Whereas, in the United States, access is secondary to providing the best, most innovative, health care for the paying consumer.” (UAKRON). The delegation of Belgium is currently trying to improve their health and medication systems throughout our nation. Therefore, we want to succeed in our medication and soon help those in the developing world who need it most.  This can be done with further health measures and help those who are in need of care. As the Kingdom of Belgium, we truly worry about our safety and well being of our citizens. In effect, we will do anything we can to improve our medical system and help those surrounding us as well.

         “Dating from 1945, its quality is largely down to its sponsorship by competing mutuals, and provisioned by a mixture of state and non-profit hospitals. Each mutual is funded by the state, the funding dependent on its membership numbers.” (The Guardian), Belgium is funded by the state to provide the essential health care that we need. If countries help contribute both medically and financially to develop similar methods for developing countries, certain diseases that are currently effecting our globe can be managed.



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