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LEGACY Belarus UNGA 2016 - Topic 1

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Steven Gabriel




Terrorism is a threat that some can overlook however it is an immediate threat to anyone and everyone. There are many terrorist attacks that many of you might have heard of; the Mid-Air Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 where more than 250 died, the Beslan Massacre in Russia where more than 350 perished, and the most infamous of them all 9/11 where almost 3000 people lost their lives and thousands more were injured. However Belarus is no foreigner to terrorism in 2008 we suffered a bombing in which 54 were injured, and more recently in 2011 where 2 terrorists blew up a metro car. This attacked killed 15 and injured more than 200 people. Belarus has a history of supporting anti-terrorism resolutions including, the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, the first document of its kind, containing common strategic approach to countering terrorism on the basis of joint national, regional and international efforts of the UN member states. The delegation of Belarus has supported anti-terrorist strategies from the start and will continue to support and aid in the formation of strategies and resolutions to end this terrible act.


Disarmament of the Middle East is of extreme importance. However it may be difficult due to the lack of trust within groups. Iran due to certain situations has been pushing for nuclear weapons for many differing reasons. However of these differing motives for nuclear weapons none of them are positive. Although Iran is a signatory of the NPT, they have a history of violations of NPT obligations, especially with agreeing with IAEA safeguards and UN mandates. Many terrorist organizations are based in the Middle East. If a terrorist group in the Middle East was able to get a hold of even a single nuclear weapon the havoc which could be wreaked would be unimaginable. Disarmament of the Middle East is priority not only for world peace but for the future of the economy. A majority of fossil fuels come from Middle Eastern. Fossil fuels are an essential part of life in Western Society. A disarmament could help create economic stability for numerous countries that depend on fossil fuels coming from the Middle East. Conflicts between Middle Eastern countries could be heavily escalated by the threat of nuclear weapons. Forming a disarmament would do nothing but good for the world in general.