Position Paper / White Paper

LEGACY Turkey Turkey 2016 - Topic 2

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Cabinet of the Republic of Turkey 2016

Minister of Finance (Naci Ağbal)

Topic II: Kurdish Terrorism


Our nation is one built on strong ideology and a sense of cohesiveness. Unfortunately, over the years many have tried to break down our strength. Yet Turkey is still standing strong today. With a plethora of both internal and domestic policy concerns, it is up to myself and my fellow cabinet members to do as we have in the past, and effectively solve the problems facing our nation today. One of the largest, if not the largest, problems is Syria, especially Kurd Terrorists which threaten our democracy. However, it would be of ill-taste to oppress minorities within our county, which is why the issue must be taken with delicacy.

We are to put our focus on foreign terrorist and enemy groups first, as they prove to be not only a threat to our nation, but the greater world as well. Assad his regime are to be subdued by our army and allies. Additionally, if deemed necessary by other ministers, actions to foreign Kurds may need to be taken.