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LEGACY Mauritania OIC 2016 - Topic 3

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CIMUN 2016

Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Islamic Republic of Mauritania


Topic Three: Relations with Israel

Ever since its admittance into the United Nations in 1949, controversy has engulfed the State of Israel as the ever-present Israel-Palestine conflict continued to boil over and wreak havoc within the Middle East. Many solutions have been proposed to solve this issue as the world has mixed opinions and relations with Israel on a country to country basis. The Islamic Republic of Mauritania empathizes with the different attitudes towards Israel, but recommends to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to recognize one stance. The differences and inability to come to a unanimous conclusion are emphasized by the essential establishment of four different blocs: pro-Israel, pro-peace, pro-Palestine, and anti-Israel.

Each of these blocs is headed and supported by various Middle Eastern powers, pushing the Islamic Republic of Mauritania to come to the conclusion that the multiple perspectives must be merged and a compromise arranged such that some of each nation’s desires for the State of Israel be satisfied.

If the current state of affairs is to continue, these disagreements will further prohibit the Arab world from making a collective decision not only on Israel but also on the many other assorted issues facing each and every member of the OIC. Mauritania believes that the OIC must work together as a cohesive unit to propose and carry out resolutions beneficial to all member states. In order to reach this cohesion, on the issue of relations with Israel especially, it is necessary to assess the various solutions for viability and choose the most propitious of them all.

One of the more promising propositions is the two-state solution, which calls for the separation of Palestine from Israel. Both would be free and equal states that recognize each other’s rights and right to exist and act freely.  Mauritania is not opposed to this solution but reminds the Arab nations to collaborate with one another to ensure a more promising and peaceful future for the region.