Position Paper / White Paper

LEGACY Senegal UNGA 1994 - Topic 2

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Dylan Trott

James Davies


1994 General Assembly


Senegal has been a democratic country for many years. It has helped Senegal become one of the few stable countries residing in Western Africa. Senegal believes that democracy can help the Central American countries succeed. Senegal is also passionate on restoring human rights in these areas. Specifically in Cuba and Guatemala. Senegal is passionate on giving rights to every man and woman, from any race or color, and any religion or creed. Senegal has among the most strict supporters of rights of all. Senegal has also been one of the forerunners for many issues in Africa. Senegal however is currently experiencing somewhat difficult times today. The nation’s GDP has dropped significantly after a long time of succession. While Senegal does not demand large amounts of funding, there is not a lot of ability to help others. Senegal will however continue to be active in other manners in the improvement of the condition of the Central American countries.


Senegal is an ardent supporter of democracy all around Central America. Senegal believes that democracy was a part of the succession of our country. Many Central American countries have had little to no experience with independence. They do not have strong leaders, and the solution should be to incorporate democracy as their government. The people are upset, and they are also in large debt. Many Haitians attempted to swim to Florida. Alongside that, Cuba is also still struggling after the issues they had to overcome nearly 30 years ago during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Many allies of Cuba which assisted in trade have since dropped out. Their GDP also dropped by 34% within the few past years. The people of Cuba are attempting to flee by boat. During a Guatemalan civil war, tens of thousands died. As it seems, nearly every country in Central America is in serious distress. These areas are not facing impossible odds however. For instance, El Salvador signed a treaty last year with the FMLN, which is a political party in El Salvador. This ended many years of struggle between the parties of opposing views. The United Nations is working hard to establish the UNMIH, whose goal is to update the equipment and train of the Haitian police force. The MICIVIH was signed to establish basic human rights in Central America.


There are a strenuously large amount of issues currently occurring in Central America. One of the main issues is the displaced people in these areas. One of the solutions brought up is for the improvement of the landing areas for the people. Senegal believes that while this is a possible solution, the better idea would be to instead spend all resources to improve the conditions inside of the countries so that there would be no need to run. Although this is the case, there is still a need for the outside countries to provide a very temporary space for these refugees. This should not be the primary concern. The U.N must also work to re-establish the profitable trading that these countries had once had. For instance Cuba has lost 80% of all of its imports and exports. Based off of the numbers, the future will only decay for the Cubans unless there is an immediate action. In order to achieve this, we must demand the buying of Cubans goods or else their economy will struggle even more. To help fund these countries, all supporters of helping them should be required to sacrifice a small portion of their GDP. If all can achieve this, the restoration of these countries can be much easier. Another requirement of countries shall be that they must provide a small portion of their population to come and aid. This process must be as rapid as possible so that there can be a quicker solution.