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LEGACY Sierra Leone UNGA 1994 - Topic 2

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Sierra Leone 
General Assembly 1994
Development and Democracy in Central America 
Dahlia Ines Mella-Goris & Nathaniel Brooks 


The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, these are all nations in central America that are developing at this very moment.  The brutal transition that many of these countries have faced have included war. Take the Dominican Republic, for instance, they had a seventy-year war for independence. One of the factors that when we talk about development is human rights. Human rights in Guatemala is a big factor is the development of that nation, as we have seen the human rights report from this year it stated that they have an about       430,000 men serving in civil defense committees called civil defense patrols, this is a direct violation of their contusion. We can see similarities between Central America at this time and Africa.


Sierra Leone can sympathize with many of these nation as Sierra Leone is a developing nation. What Sierra Leone would like to see is a resolution is the creation of a committee for developing nations for the purpose of creating plans to end the human rights violations in these nations, and to end the famine that some of these nations are experiencing, or finding a way to lower the infant mortality rate. There are a great many things that Sierra Leone would like to see improved for all developing nations. All developing nations are connected is some way, it's important that we recognize all developing nations so that we can bring the international community closer together so that there can be peace and development in all nation's.