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LEGACY Iran (Islamic Republic of) UNGA 1994 - Topic 2

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Historical General Assembly (1994)



Topic Two: Regarding the Situation of Central America - White Paper


The state of Central America, as the Iranian delegation believes, is in complete disorder. Iran wishes for the entirety of the United Nations to come together in dealing with the issues that surround the nations that have been dealt the worst. Intervention is also not necessary in a majority of the cases, but there are a few unique cases that Iran wishes to be dealt with either militarily or concerning sanctions or through the utilization of another economic basis. Iran leaves this decision to the parties who are directly involved in these Central American affairs, and will provide support when we deem fit.

The primary issue that Iran finds fault in is the growth of the URNG. The spread of communist ideologies will not be tolerated by the Iranian delegation, and should be stunted and dealt with immediately.  If necessary, military intervention could possibly be instituted in order to assist these countries in their conflicts, if the spread of communism continues. However, Iran will leave this decision to the sovereignty of these respective nations, and hope they will find it in their best interests to seclude and nullify these communist threats.

A spread of rumors that pertain to the possible threat of Islamic terrorism in the region should not be forthwith accepted, as Iran believes that this speculation is a byproduct of the fear that exists in Central America already. Iran, as with other Middle Eastern nations, will be sure to keep control of fighters and domestic groups that may be labelled as “incalculable” in their goals in these countries. The Iranian delegation thus exists that there should be no surmountable worry in this instance.

Ultimately, Iran, as done in previous resolutions, will continually fight against the violation of human rights in these cases. Countries that will try to suppress progress in the region, such as nations regarding France and other states who will attempt to benefit from the chaos, should be kept under close scrutiny, and thus, a decision should not be directly sanctioned through the United Nations, but perhaps through other, neutral means.