CIMUN 2016

Economic and Social Council



Topic I: Protecting the Human Rights of Refugees

White Paper


Although Rwanda is in a more stable position than many of our neighbors and we would like to gladly to offer shelter to so many people without a place to call home, we cannot afford the cost of harboring the many people displaced by current unrest in Africa. With many Tutsi refugees from a darker time in our history returning to Rwanda, the government is focused on restoring order and prosperity for the people of our country, and unfortunately does not have the resources to accommodate for fleeing peoples from nearby countries. Currently, large numbers of Burundian people dislodged by the government unrest in our neighbor nation have been fleeing to Rwanda, straining the country's ability to develop and operate effectively. This, coupled with many more arriving from the Democratic Republic of Congo and even refugees of the South Sudan civil war, are putting immense pressure on the economy and social conditions of Rwanda. It is in Rwanda's interest to focus on these people that have already entered the country and those that were already here. We must build ourselves as a nation so that the refugees may in the future have a better, easier life in Rwanda.

Do not misunderstand, Rwanda and its people are strong proponents of the human rights of refugees. Having experienced a horrible political crisis due to political unrest in the past, we empathize with those displaced and simply believe Rwanda is not yet a suitable vessel for a sudden influx of refugees.