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LEGACY Japan ECOSOC 2016 - Topic 3

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Japan ECOSOC 2016

Topic 3 - Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A movement towards more sustainable development goals is essential to the to the advancement of the world. In the growing interconnectedness of today’s world, Japan understands that it is of great importance to address development goals and work towards a comprehensive resolution that will benefit all countries, both economically weak and powerful. As a rapidly growing and innovative nation, Japan strongly supports international efforts to benefit the global community as a whole and effectively implement these goals in 2016 and beyond.

Specifically, in order to effectively achieve these goals, Japan urges the development of a global strategy to fund, progress, and further the development of these goals, and recommends the establishment of committees to oversee the implementation of these funds and plans. Additionally, Japan recommends the usage of various NGO’s to aid and support the various Sustainable Development programs within their respective regions, as localized efforts are often more successful than broad international ones.

Furthermore, Japan calls upon the creation of public-private partnerships as the private sector holds great innovative and technological potential. The private sector is host to a multitude of solutions to the world’s greatest problems, thus, Japan encourages that they play an integral role in working to effectively implement these goals.

Lastly, Japan believes that it is important to consider national sovereignty when working to better enforce these vital aspirations for the international community. While Japan recognizes that these goals are all well intentioned and mostly necessary to assist the globe’s well being, some nations might reject certain aspects of these SDGs.

Ultimately, Japan hopes to achieve meaningful reforms to better and more efficiently establish these important goals.