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LEGACY Morocco OIC 2016 - Topic 3

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Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Kingdom of Morocco 


Topic III: Relations with Israel

- White Paper


            Alarmed by the current situation regarding the relationship between the Middle East and Israel, Morocco being part of many organizations across the world, the United Nations and most importantly the Arab League. Israel is known to be one of the most problematic countries in the Middle East as well as one of the most powerful. Israel is known to receive a lot of hostility from many countries within the Arab League. Morocco is one of few or the only country in the Arab League that has tried to fix this problem, by having a good relationship with the country.


            King Hassan II, at many times tried to seek peace arrangements with Israel and Palestine in order to better improve the relationships with the country and the other Arab countries. Even though the negotiations with Palestine came to a halt in the year 2000, due to the resume of conflict between the nations and their mixed interests. Morocco still remains as one the countries that Israel is willing to have discussions and meeting regarding trade and peace among many other topics.



            Morocco strongly believes in the cooperation’s of all the Nations to seek a peaceful relationship with Israel and to end the problematic state in which Israel and Palestine currently stand. Morocco whishes to resume the peace agreement that once was achieved, by King Hassan II, in order to resume trade and other negotiations with the country of Israel. However in order to do this task it is imperative for both Israel and Palestine to come to a peaceful relationship and for other Arab states to accept Israel a country that can became an ally and not as an enemy.


It is necessary to accept the religions and believes of this government and begins to rebuild the relationship between the Middle East and Israel.  Morocco is aware that other countries support its point of view of creating peace between the two countries to resume peace in the Middle East. Countries like Oman and Tunisia have supported the Moroccan claim and initiative to complete this goal.