Committee: Arab League

Topic: Yemen- Rethinking Approaches to reaching Political Stability

Country: Qatar


Within the past 5 years a Civil War in Yemen has ravaged killing close to 92,000 civilians and displacing more than 4.3 million. The brutality of the Houthi rebels has led to the suffering of the civilians of almost the entire country. In overtaking the rightful government the Houthis have destroyed Yemeni towns and cities. The people of Yemen very clearly need support from Arabian countries and in the past Qatar was eager to provide that support, however since the Gulf Crisis Qatar has been unable to continue that support. 

The Qatar Gulf Crisis almost happened in response to Qatar’s open support for the Yemeni government. Qatar provided medical supplies and housing to Yemeni civilians and soldiers to fight the Yemeni government prior to the crisis. In response to the Yemeni support came false claims that we were actually sanctioning and funding the Houthi rebels and providing them support along with Iran. Within the Gulf crisis comes a blockade that prevents Qatari civilians from traveling out of the country and those that were already outside of the country from coming back in. This means that the soldiers and other volunteers that Qatar sent to Yemen are no longer allowed back into the country. It also means that Qatar can no longer send soldiers or any help for the Yemeni people outside of the country until the other Gulf countries' unrealistic wishes are met. One of the top and first supporters of the Gulf Crisis blockade is the Yemeni government who has been misinformed of Qatari support by other Gulf countries.

Therefore, the best resolution to the Yemen Crisis would first be increased support, that could be given by the Qatari government if the Gulf Crisis were to be solved. This increased support would provide more help to those in need in Yemen as well as more military support for the already standing army that has been created to fight the Houthis.  


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