CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Vietnam challenges China over Taiwan

IPD Article Image - Vietnam challenges China over Taiwan

The self-determination of nations has been a widely discussed topic in the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee. There hve been many different examples of self-determination struggles, but none have been as disruptive as the situation in Taiwan. 

The nation of Vietnam has expressed adamant distaste for China's control of Taiwan and its position in the South China Sea.

“The Socialist Republic of Vietnam does not officially recognize the sovereignty of the nation of Taiwan," the representative from Vietnam said. "If the People’s Republic of China continues to infringe and encroach upon our our nations' borders within the South China Sea, the nation of Vietnam may take any possible action to limit their power, even if it involved giving independence to a certain island off the coast of China,” the delegate from Vietnam said.The delegation urges other nations in the committee to take action against the “imperialist China regime.”

In response to Vietnam’s comments, a Chinese delegate from the Special Political and Decolonization Committee spoke to the SOCHUM committee.

“The Vietnamese delegation introduced a paper in SOCHUM that not only goes against their country’s foreign policy on our 23rd province, but is deeply insulting to the sovereignty of China,” the Chinese delegate said.

The delegate talks about the relations that many countries in the committee have with China and Taiwan. The representative from China hopes that the delegation of Vietnam can find a way to avoid undermining decades of positive relations over a United Nations dispute.

When asked about the claims Vietnam has made against the People’s Republic of China, more specifically Vietnam’s accusation of China being “imperialist scum,” the Chinese delegate said, “China is doing their best being an arbitrator and has done more than any other country in the SPECPOL committee to ensure the rights of no-self-governing territories.”

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