CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

USSR Denies Proxy War in Vietnam; Spain Not Convinced

IPD Article Image - USSR Denies Proxy War in Vietnam; Spain Not Convinced

By Emma Langas, El País

The USSR claims that their only motive in assisting North Vietnam is “Humanitarian Aid” in a recent press conference.

“The USSR is happy to help any communist nation,” a press representative from the USSR remarked. The representative said that North Vietnam had requested the help from the USSR; the USSR responded by sending food and medical supplies and humanitarian aid. “Seventy percent of the nation wants to be communist," the representative stated, “and we cannot allow the U.S. to continue their imperialist goals.”

Spain, a quiet supporter of the United States, is not convinced that the USSR’s actions are purely humanitarian. It is well known that the USSR and the United States do not have great relations with each other, and have been battling in a “Cold War” since 1947. As the United States is a known supporter of North Vietnam, the idea that the USSR helped South Vietnam out of communist pride is extremely suspicious.

When questioned, the representative of the USSR denied all accusations of fighting a proxy war, saying, “[The USSR] would never consider Vietnam to be a puppet fighter.” However, due to the circumstances of the situation, the validity of the statement is uncertain.

Francisco Franco, the dictator of Spain, is extremely against communism in any form and supports the United States. Although slow to take action, Franco has considered sending the military to assist the United States in South Vietnam and hopes that the USSR will be defeated.

Source: El País