CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

USSR proposes alternative to US Marshall Plan

IPD Article Image - USSR proposes alternative to US Marshall Plan

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics have not been pleased with the Marshall Plan implemented by the United States.

“It’s attacking our values,” said the press secretary for the USSR.

The Soviet Union has responded to this by creating a plan to heal themselves and their satellite states after the damage done by the war, without the risk of Capitalism spreading.

“We’re building up economic and manufacturing industrialization in our country and also throughout all the soviet satellite states,” the representative said. They hope that this will help to rebuild these states, while retaining the Communism within them.

After the Soviets shot down U.S. aid planes for using Soviet airspace without consent, the Soviet Union’s deep disdain for the Marshall Plan has become even more apparent. They will not allow the influence of a Capitalist nation into their union, even to provide aid.

What reaction might the USSR have if their satellite states accept help from the United States?

“We would probably stop our funding to [satellite states] if they ended up going toward Capitalist sides,” the representative said.