CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

BREAKING: US cabinet says “America First” in regards to Korean conflict

IPD Article Image - BREAKING: US cabinet says “America First” in regards to Korean conflict

In a recent interview, the U.S. cabinet has stated that in regards to the North and South Korean conflict, their only goal is to keep American citizens safe, assuring that “we are affirmative to protecting America and American lives at whatever cost.”

America has kept good relations with South Korea for over half a century, and it only makes sense that they will continue the mutually beneficial relationship by protecting their ally.

The delegate in question continued, “whatever way we need to do that, we will take those steps.” Following this statement, he and his cabinet members engaged in unison, shouting “America first!” It seems that these patriots are surely dedicated to keeping the country secure and free from the ever-ambitious threat that is North Korea.

The interview continued and the delegates were asked how they feel about Russia’s stance on the issue and if they believe that Russia will be cooperative in keeping the peace, despite having failed to do so in the past. One delegate was quick to assert that they are eager to work with Russia as long as Russia can do so, in a friendly, collaborative effort. The delegate stated that “We like Russia. Our president has a good relationship with the Russian president.”

It seems that as long as the Russian and U.S. presidents can keep their close friendship, then America has no need to worry about threats or tension coming from that corner of the world. American ties with Russia will likely improve in the future, as the delegates plan to work together to  “make a better economic situation between the two.”

However, the cabinet members were adamant in letting the press know that “if it is found that Russia, China, or any other country is aiding North Korea, we will take action, because North Korea is a threat to us.” The countries mentioned have yet to respond to these statements. It is time to wait and see if these countries plan on protecting peace and democracy or working with an oppressive nation of tyranny, as many view DPRK.

Image: Wikimedia Commons