CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Unknown party launches cyberattack on Germany

IPD Article Image - Unknown party launches cyberattack on Germany

Early Dec. 1, a cyberattack was launched against Germany. The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has begun to discuss tactics and solutions for finding the responsible party and acting accordingly.

“This council needs to find a solid way to stop this threat,” the French representative stated simply, their sentiments echoed by others in the Security Council.

Many representatives of the UNSC have urged others to act cautiously in relation to bringing outside nations into the situation.

“I caution against getting too many people involved,” the representative from the United States declared, expressing their concern with adding additional nations to the crisis.

Germany and the United States were the two nations directly affected by this event and are the two that will require aid from other governments.

“It should be Germany first, America next, then the rest of the world,” the U.S. representative stated. The United States has suggested using companies like Microsoft to provide temporary services for Germany, such as power and energy.

While there are many long term concerns with this cyberattack, the Security Council has chosen to prioritize finding short term solutions. Bringing back power to Germany is a priority, followed by catching the outside party responsible for the attack and then punishing them accordingly. Though the threat of other cyberattacks loom in the future, the Security Council is concerned principally with Germany at this time. They will find those responsible for the attack and take necessary measures to ensure an event like this will never happen again.