CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

UN Security Council achieves success in addressing the Yemen crisis

IPD Article Image - UN Security Council achieves success in addressing the Yemen crisis

The United Nations Security Council has recently passed a resolution addressing the crisis in Yemen. The Security Council’s reflects their original goal of using humanitarian solutions to solve the crisis in Yemen.

The resolution permits the use of Chinese military bases in Djibouti, Russian military bases in Syria, and Egyptian air force bases to provide humanitarian aid to conflict-affected areas in the region.

The resolution seeks to suspend the use of peacekeepers if any actors in the region use violence against peacekeepers. While the suspension is in place the Security Council will re-evaluate the role of the peacekeepers.

In the resolution several non-governmental organizations have been identified to help in the dissemination of aid. The Security Council authorized Action Against Hunger to receive and distribute food and water donations to the region. The Security Council will also call on Seoul to receive and distribute all medical and hygienic donations to the region.

The aid that will be distributed in Yemen has been limited to non-perishable food, potable water, hygienic products, and medicine.

China and Russia will oversee funding the humanitarian missions coming from their military bases. Other members of the Security council will provide additional funding when it is necessary.

The resolution recommends the use of sanctions against any country that increases the severity of the humanitarian crises.

During committee, the Security Council was able to contact a representative of Saudi Arabia to get more information on the blockade the Saudi Arabian government has implemented on Yemen. The representative stated that Saudi Arabia does not plan to remove the blockade on Yemen.

Image Source: BBC