CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Unique Opportunities Proposed by the FAO

IPD Article Image - Unique Opportunities Proposed by the FAO

As the Food and Agricultural Organization moves through their second topic (Promoting Food Security and Nutrition in the Face of Climate Change), several nonconventional solutions to the problem have been proposed. The Republic of Korea demonstrated a liking towards a micro-credit system, one that would incentivize farmers, with the United States encouraging a similar performance-based dynamic. Nicaragua leaned toward NGOs as their means for funding an anti-climate change initiative.

Two delegations stuck out from the rest, in their ideas and concepts for attacking global warming in food security through their individual policy. The delegate from Mexico described a rating system that could be implemented where foods would be ranked on a scale from one to five based off of how many pesticides were used to grow the product. Customers could then know more about their product, and organic farmers could profit.  “We are looking to create an index from low risk to high risk, in pesticides, in countries that use above a level 3 pesticide, which would be considered dangerous,” said the delegate from Mexico.

From Montenegro, an indoor farming system was brought up- an idea that would require extensive monetary commitment from the Food and Agricultural Organization. “This is gonna be separate from smallholder farms. I want this to be large scale,” stated the delegate from Montenegro. The delegate also mentioned a profit-sharing type socialist scheme. One where smallholding farmers could utilize some of the indoor equipment and indoor-grown crops at a lower rate, sanctioned by the countries respective federal governments.

The propositions from both Montenegro and Mexico would be multi-billion dollar plans that would require a comprehensive and consistent outlook across all sectors of the United Nations. That being said, the idea is still intriguing.

“I’m trying to do as much as possible to agree with other delegates,” said the representative from Montenegro.

The Food and Agricultural Organization is expected to address the ideas soon and move on to their third topic.