CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

UNGA Introduces Resolutions Papers for Nuclear Proliferation

IPD Article Image - UNGA Introduces Resolutions Papers for Nuclear Proliferation

This morning, the United Nations General Assembly prepares to pass resolution papers and responds to the papers passed by the Security Council. In the hopes of answering the question of general and complete disarmament, the assembly convened to introduce papers that address nuclear proliferation and the future of nuclear technology.

In working paper 3.6.2, Syria aims to empower small nations alongside larger ones in order to promote peace. Syria plans to expand the Eighteen Nation Committee on Disarmament. By doing so, peace talks will affect more countries and more people. Working paper 3.6.2. will inform countries of the dangers of nuclear weapons and will eventually limit and end nuclear proliferation.

In a controversial speech on the same working paper (3.6.2), the representative from Laos spoke about the need for smaller countries to support his paper because it supported smaller countries. “When have the P5 countries ever stood up for your countries? I’ll answer that question for you: never,” said the representative.

In working paper 3.6.2., the representative from Kuwait stressed the positive advantages that come with nuclear energy and technology, but also pushed for the creation of nuclear weapons to come to an end.

Another working paper discussed by the representative from Brazil, 3.1.2., also known as “DOPE,” is in sync with the resolutions passed in the U.N. Security Council.

The committee will continue to debate the topic, but has not yet entered voting procedure. Updates will come regarding the papers being introduced and eventually passed.