CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Unanimously Unilateral

IPD Article Image - Unanimously Unilateral

Recently, the entire United Nations Security Council (UNSC) voted to pass  a single resolution paper, for international cooperation in cybersecurity. When this topic was proposed, the UNSC was very divided, which makes it even more impressive that the committee was able to come together to accomplish one common goal. This is an unprecedented act of international cooperation which reflects positive relations between representatives and states.

The resolution contained 18 clauses, including preventive measures to protect against cyber security globally. Such clauses include: encouraging adaptation of future resolutions proposed by UNSC, concern of the use of force against other nations, encouraging the creation of specialized investigative committees established by the national government in each state to serve as defensive purposes of cyber attacks.

“A unified decision on the issue of cyber attacks was of the utmost importance for the UNSC. Cyber security is a relatively new idea and some nations have implanted more advanced infrastructures than their smaller counterparts.The unanimous decision shows that all nations can agree upon what is the best course of action is to in defining cybercrime, defending against cybercrime, and developing preventative measures against cybercrime. This resolution will be a great step forward in understanding the abstract ideas of cybersecurity for all nations,” said the delegation of Cote D’Ivoire.

“I think it’s great we came to a unanimous compromise for cybersecurity. Bolivia is proud of the work done in order to come to this resolution,” said the delegation of Bolivia.

“I think it’s really unique. There was a lot of commentary on how rare it was especially considering the maritime security measures prior to this topic. It was especially significant due to it passing hours before the midnight crisis attack on Germany,” said the representative of Poland.

In listening to the representatives work on their paper and reflect on the resolution it is clear that each representative is proud of passing a unilateral paper. Given that the Security Council is composed of diverse countries such as Russia, China, United States, and Cote D’Ivoire, it is clear that the decision is significant to international relations.