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UK admits exploiting Tanganyika for more than two decades

IPD Article Image - UK admits exploiting Tanganyika for more than two decades

The United Kingdom revealed it has been secretly exploiting Tanganyika for the past 26 years during a Dec . 2 meeting with the the U.N. Trusteeship Council.  

“The U.K. won’t supply a particular plan that does not apply to us,” the representative from the U.K. said. Tanganyika's independence was being discussed by the U.N. Trusteeship Council.

In 1916, the Tanganyika territory was given to the U.K. as the occupying power to help the region develop toward independence.  On July 20, 1922, the region was formally recognized as a British League of Nations mandate.  The goals of the U.N.’s efforts were to provide a “symbiotic relationship” between the U.K. and Tanganyika for the coming years.

However, 26 years later, the U.K.’s agenda has proven otherwise.

The representative from the U.K. was later caught revealing the U.K.’s plan to grow its economy off Tanganyika’s resources. The representative became flustered as discussions returned to the U.N. table.

“We are losing funding. We have taken all of their resources. No one wants to trade with Tanganyika...the whole place is a mess. There’s nothing left,” the representative from the U.K. allegedly said.

The representative from the U.K. was later found asking China for further funding to exploit other nations.

“I’ve been marred!,” the representative from the U.K. said in response to the gaffe.

In addition, the U.K. has allegedly been extracting all the gold resources from Tanganyika.  “There’s no more gold. We’ve taken it all and are looking for more resources to extract,” the U.K. representative said.

The Philippines had been working with the U.K. on the same bloc, allegedly unaware with the scandal at hand.  “The U.K. isn’t being very collaborative...he keeps asking to take full control of the situation.  At the end of the day, we are all just looking to answer the tan question,” said the Philippines.

The U.K. is currently continuing to look for “new innovative industries” to exploit with Chinese funding.  As of now, the Tanganyika question is being handled diplomatically by other representatives in the council.  

Alvise Forcellini/Flickr