CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Tunisia’s Take

IPD Article Image - Tunisia’s Take

Being the first country affected, Tunisia had many ideas and was open and optimistic to governmental reform post Arab-Spring. Emerging from the Arab Spring, Tunisia entered a democratic climate through reform.

When asked about the major causation of Arab Spring, a representative of Tunisia said: “beforehand we were a dictatorship which did have fast policy; however, when you have one person in power, one person cannot understand what it is like to be a refugee, a Christian, or a migrant with so many religions, backgrounds and cultures; one person cannot see the whole picture, which ultimately leads to revolt.”

The representative of Tunisia mentioned the idea of political representation multiple times, but believes other reforms are essential as well in order to prevent another Arab Spring revolution or protests.

"Tunisia is currently working on a five-step plan that involves refugees and education; we want to give refugees economic and educational opportunities because if those are not given it will create political unrest and it will ultimately benefit the refugees and countries,” said the representative of Tunisia.

It is important to note that even though Tunisia was the origin of the revolution, Tunisia has been housing a large population refugees, with one billion Libyan refugees alone. Tunisia appears to prioritize education, democratic ideals, refugees and economic reform with the ultimate goal of creating peace and stability between nations of the Arab League.