CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Truman convicted of communism (MUNION article)

IPD Article Image - Truman convicted of communism (MUNION article)

Harry S. Truman was convicted of treason early this morning by the FBI.  Storming the White House via zipline, agents tracked communist-minded Truman to the Oval Office filing away his lies.  

Though information is still being collected, Truman allegedly hired McCarthy as a cover-up: as it was later revealed, Truman was the only member from the U.S. Cabinet maintaining contact with the USSR.  

After McCarthy passed his psychoanalysis after his outburst in the U.S. Cabinet on Dec. 1, 1948, officials raised immediate suspicions.  Officials forcibly gave McCarthy a sugar tablet, instructing him afterwards that it would “make him tell all.”  The placebo effect worked, and McCarthy revealed that he was merely bribed by Truman with a lifetime supply of jelly donuts to act like a communist to cover Truman’s own tracks.  

While McCarthy was unaware of Truman’s motives, the FBI worked diligently to extract information from the president in question.  

In his confession, Truman revealed his animosity towards Franklin Delano Roosevelt for the lack of information he was told despite being his vice president.  The President at the time had never told Truman about his secret plans involving an atomic bomb as a potential weapon to end World War II.  As such, Truman had hoped to infiltrate communism into the United States to get his revenge on the secret-keeping.  

Congress is currently working to amend the Constitution to allow an external body to represent the United States rather than the tradition progression from president to vice president.  Congress had felt that too many problems had arisen from the ongoing governmental institution.  Currently, the new presidential ballot is projected to include Bess Truman, Malcolm X, and a penguin.