CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Threats of war in Yemen, Iraq and Saudi Arabia intervention

IPD Article Image - Threats of war in Yemen, Iraq and Saudi Arabia intervention

Quinn Riordan, Der Spiegel 

As the Arab League works to aid and possibly solve the Yemen Crisis, tensions rise with Iraq “threatening invasion of Yemen” the delegate of Saudia Arabia in the Arab League said. 

As the two blocs work on differing papers, outrage ensues over the discussion of coalition forces moving into Yemen as peacekeepers. Saudi Arabia, Palestine, and Morocco are hoping to send in peacekeeping troops from Northern Africa into Yemen.

Shortly after, Iraq started talking about their own use of peacekeeping forces, with both naval force and militarial force, which angered much of the Arab League, the delegate of Tunisia said. Delegates denounced the use of military in Yemen and explained that they should focus on peacekeeping instead of using naval ports. 

Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Morocco claimed that Iraq was threatening war. “A one point in an unmoderated caucus Iraq used the term ‘naval invasion’, it is quite obvious their intention to take control of the country,” the delegate of Saudia Arabia said in the Arab League.  

The tensions between Iraq and Saudi Arabia are high as they work on opposing working papers, and have fueled the growing divide in the room.

“We wanted some of our forces to go in, in order to stabilize peace,” the delegate of Iraq in the Arab League said.“I feel the claims that this is an act of aggression by Iraq, are absolutely preposterous and makes no sense. We are not inciting any armed conflict again Yemen at this moment.”

Throughout the beginning of committee, the Arab League had been working relatively “hand in hand to establish Yemen with economic and political stability to succeed” the delegate of Saudi Arabia said. The tensions began to rise again with the divide in the committee over the “threats” of war.