CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

The Stalemate On Clean Water

IPD Article Image - The Stalemate On Clean Water

Andrew Jones, Al Jazeera

Water gives and sustains life. Without water, humanity would die. Even though this liquid is essential to life access to clean potable water is still an issue in many underdeveloped areas of the world. But the World Health Organization hopes to change that.

Water has been the center of discussion within the World Health Organization for the past few committee sessions. Delegates have come up with a variety of viable solutions to the water crisis. Their hard work has led to the creation of several working papers. The only issue (besides the obvious), is that none of the WHO’s eight working papers dealing with this crisis have been passed, and the committee seems to have stalled their resolves.

Most papers include several similar clauses. These clauses include the provision of potable water to dry areas and the removal of pollutants to otherwise unusable water sources. The differences come about in the enactment of these proclamations. Some bloc’s hope to rely on local governments to provide the necessary funding and resources, while others believe that NGOs are the solution to the distribution/funding issue. In the words of the delegate from Ireland “The number of working papers should be limited because with fourteen papers up for debate, nothing can be effectively accomplished”.

But after the recent discussion with one NGO member, Dr. Hirschau, it seems as if the committee's productivity may be on the up and up. Dr. Hirschau provided helpful insight into the delegates pertaining to the use of NGOs, in order to solve the situation at hand. An informative story about water lines being tampered with, on account of too many NGOs being in the same place at once. Several questions were also asked about communication between separate organizations, as well as possible other solutions to bringing water to war-torn areas.

Hopefully the WHO will end the political standstill and pass a meaningful resolution, as working together makes more people happy, and in this case healthy.