CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

The United States Has Bombed Iran

IPD Article Image - The United States Has Bombed Iran

Dejea, Pan-African News Agency

At midnight, we received word that the United States has bombed Iran. Those allegations were confirmed true after speaking with the involved parties. 

An anonymous Iranian delegate has confirmed that the United States bombed Iran. “The US has bombed us and took down our internet,” the representative says. In order to recover from this attack, Iran is “looking to reach out to new allies in order to provide support.” Iran wants to hold the US accountable for its actions against them. “The US is wrong,” the Iranian spokesperson says. Iranian officials are trying to ensure that the security and safety of the country are stabilized. 

On the other hand, the United States felt that it was necessary for this force as it was reported that Iran had nuclear weapons. So in order to “combat their nuclear weapon construction,” they have to send bombs. 

Iran does not understand as to why this action was taken against them as they claim not to have any nuclear weapons. The representative explains, “We just had an earthquake and somehow the United States linked to nuclear weapons which we do not understand.”  Iran believes that the irreversible action of the United States was only taken by assumptions and not facts which were the wrong thing to do. 

Even though many may find this force of action morally wrong, the United States stands by their decision, however, “it was not ideal,” the representative explains. “We wish that there was another way to go about this, however, considering the circumstances, we had to take action.” The United States felt that this was the way they need to protect themselves and their NATO nation allies. 

The United States feels that the bombs have solved the problem for right now, yet, they do “expect to take further action.'' They are unsure of what exactly those plans will entail but it will be strong enough to stop Iran from trying to make any other nuclear weapons or even from retaliating. There are also possible allies that the United States may be taking these actions. 

Iran will be taking further actions as well, however, it could not disclose any information revolving this topic at the time. 

The United States and Iran seem as if they will be using aggressive and violent retaliation against each other. However, this will not benefit the civilians of these countries. The wellbeing of the citizens of these countries needs to be considered before any further actions from both parties. Some Iranians may already be hurt by the actions of the United States. So how will these countries retaliate by considering the safety of innocent people? Will it really be worth it?