CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

The United Nations General Assembly takes steps towards solving the issue of Nuclear Disarmament

IPD Article Image - The United Nations General Assembly takes steps towards solving the issue of Nuclear Disarmament

Becky Gaze, New York Times

While debating the heated topic of Nuclear Disarmament and whether this is something that should be a global goal in the future, many delegations within the UNGA 1991 committee suggested their solutions on how this important issue could be resolved.

The Portugal Delegation proposed a four-step plan, The Dash Initiative, for nuclear disarmament. Step one, destroy any unneeded nuclear weapons, step two, abandon the creation of new nuclear weapons technology, step three, store remaining nuclear vessels, and step four, halt the production of any new nuclear materials or weapons.  Many of the remaining delegates reiterated their agreement for the need of nuclear disarmament and voiced their explanations for how this would occur in the near future.  "Ireland believes that the best way to promote the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons is by working together as an international community to both insure that countries that have already agreed to relinquish their nuclear weapons gradually are following the proper protocol for disposal and to expose the rogue states that have not joined any agreements to cooperate with the rest of the world” stated the Irish Delegation as their solution to this pressing issue.

“We believe that there still should be nuclear arms present because of any type of warfare to protect ourselves and also the possible  uses in positive ways such as medical uses and power or energy”  representatives from Iran announced, Other delegations within the committee displayed their desire to keep nuclear weapons as a form of safety, with the goal of use in medicine and for positive contributions to the global community.

As the committee resumes debate, member states will continue their attempts to resolve the divided issue of nuclear disarmament and attempt to come to a resolution of how nuclear disarmament will either occur or how nuclear materials will be used for positive purposes in the future.