CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

The Supreme Soviet: Redistribution and Rebuilding

IPD Article Image - The Supreme Soviet: Redistribution and Rebuilding

Charlotte Neumann, The Guardian

Butorin, a member of the Supreme Soviet, is skeptical of the economic plans of other commissions in the cabinet. Butorin says that it seems that some commissions, namely the Economic and Democratic Reform Commission, are trying to accomplish a lot at once. If they manage to accomplish it all, Butorin will be impressed; but at the same time, this is considered by this member of the Infrastructure Commission to be a bit too much to accomplish with such a high level of urgency.

Instead of carrying out so many reforms at once the Infrastructure Commission is focusing on two major areas of policy: redistribution of the budget and national infrastructure. As an example, Butorin provides statistics on the military budget. “Currently, fifteen to seventeen percent of Russia’s GDP is [allocated to] the military.” This is cited as a massive amount of money that could likely be put to use somewhere else instead.

In addition to redistributing the budget, Butorin plans to increase infrastructure across the nation. Using redistribution of the budget will allow for new roads and railroads to be built, which will improve transportation between rural areas and developed areas of the Soviet Union. This will allow rural citizens to access healthcare services such as hospitals more easily and will permit them to visit other important areas in the Republic as well.

The differences between Butorin’s plan and the plans of the Economic and Democratic Reform Commission are stark, but share one common feature; the willingness to better the Soviet Union for its citizens. Now, all that remains is to see which plan will pass, and whether or not it will succeed.

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