CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

The Soviet Union Proposes to Limit the International Distribution of Narcotics

IPD Article Image - The Soviet Union Proposes to Limit the International Distribution of Narcotics

The Soviet Union has prioritized the economic benefits of the illegal drug trade over the possible infringement of national sovereignty where economies rely on the drug trade.

“We need to focus on limiting and regulating the international distribution of exports and imports of illicit opioids, without infringing on the national sovereignty” of individual member states, the representative from the USSR to ECOSOC said.

The Soviet Union believes that ECOSOC will be able to regulate how illicit opioids are getting to markets instead of ending production altogether, saying, “We need to make sure that we regulate it in an effective way that prevents it from flooding into markets and enslaving entire towns through drug addiction.”

The aim is to focus on how opioids are getting from the factory to the market to the civilians. “Many opioids are used in positive ways: painkillers for surgeries and many non-illegal ways,” said the delegate from the Soviet Union. The USSR is currently drafting a resolution that “focuses on regulating the international distribution of narcotics between countries and leaving the regulation on production to the individual nations.”

The USSR has recommended that the individual governments of each nation monopolize the drug trade in their country and encourage economic activity through the production of crops such as corn and wheat.

They have also proposed to implement a program called “Track” that is aimed towards helping nations who are less economically inclined to investigate the production and sale of illicit drugs. The USSR has made it clear that this program will not take any legal action, but will simply exist to gather information and forward that information on to the host nation.

Image: Wikimedia Commons