CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

The Rising Threat of the International Small Arms Trade

IPD Article Image - The Rising Threat of the International Small Arms Trade

by Fiona Schultz, Moscow Times

On Nov 29 the General Assembly began the process of selecting their primary topic to discuss. A recurring request from country representatives has been to initiate the committee with a demanding topic: the small arms trade. “We can solve all of these current problems by limiting the flow of small arms,” the DISEC representative of Hungary said on the podium. These problems that he was referring to included the Venezuelan political crisis, access to education for refugees, and the small arms trade itself. The flow of small arms into countries’ borders produces an influx of violence, especially amongst rebel groups and local militias in developing countries. Representatives in the General Assembly including Nigeria and Kuwait are calling upon other countries to curb the transportation of illegal weapons in order to promote peace.

With technology developing and advancing daily, small arms are becoming more dangerous and threatening. Accessibility to these weapons, though illegal, has become less difficult in the 21st century for people caught in internal conflicts within their countries. This is due to a rise in small arms traffickers and the demand for these firearms. The United Nations is urging member countries to regulate small arms trade individually in order to respect state sovereignty and internally regulate the transportation of small arms. When the G.A. topic debate comes to a close, it can be predicted that the small arms trade will be a major focal point.

Photo: small arms confiscated by the IDF and Israel Police from Palestine weapon traffickers, July 25 2011