CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

The Fight for Security Measures at the DNC

IPD Article Image - The Fight for Security Measures at the DNC

By: Rachel Block,The Guardian

At the start of committee session three, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is shifting its focus from establishing a party platform to preemptive security measures for the upcoming Democratic National Convention that will take place in Chicago in August. The members of the DNC are forced to respond to demands from Mayor Daley of Chicago, which include that police at any riots will not be held liable for their actions.

The consensus in the DNC was strongly against accepting Daley’s demands. Hampton expresses, “Daley has overstepped his bounds. He is attempting to violate human rights. I will not allow for the work of MLK and his peers to go away.”

Another member of the DNC, Hart, exclaims, “We should be able to advocate for both the protesters and the people that are inside the convention. What Daley is recommending is detrimental to the idea of democracy.”

Following an invitation from the Chicago City Council (CCC), three delegates from the DNC met with the CCC to discuss their plans for revision for Daley’s demands. Hughes, Shapiro, and a few other delegates met with leaders of the radical organizations Black Panther and The Yippies, who have both states that if these demands are met, they will not protest in the first place. The demands are as follows:

  1. Implement a degree of racial sensitivity training for the Chicago Police Department

  2. Review guidelines for use of force authorization

  3. Confine protests in certain locations within Washington Square Park

  4. Establish Liability for police who overstep their bounds

  5. Police on the frontline do not carry firearms, but the Illinois National Guard may be used as an absolute last resort.

The DNC held a Question and Answer session with the members of the CCC, in which many expressed their dissatisfaction with these demands. Alderman Hines of Ward 18 argues, “You push the protesters out the DNC, and you fail to integrate minorities in the DNC itself. There is a clear lack of representation. Then you come into Chicago, the city you have chosen for this convention, and act like Mayor Daley doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

With that, the time for the meeting between these two groups had elapsed, and they are now both left to figure out a compromise.