CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Opinion: The Feud Between the United States and China Increases

IPD Article Image - Opinion: The Feud Between the United States and China Increases


In the past hour, a reporter from Xinhua received anonymous leaks from Iran about the ongoing events in U.S. cabinet. The U.S. has gone off the deep end.

The U.S. has shown that they cannot take care of their own citizens. The health and welfare of the U.S. has taken a turn for the worse with the anti-vaccination crisis. Young children are dying because the U.S. has no safeguard in place for mandatory vaccinations.

Furthermore, these anonymous leaks have revealed that the U.S. has grown far too power-hungry. An trusted, anonymous source informed Xinhau that a delegate from the U.S. said, "[we will] bring China to its knees."

As a Chinese Newspaper, we find these threats to be extremely alarming and hope the U.S. cabinet members would clarify on their reasoning for stating that. As well as us being concerned over the U.S. motives and aggression, Iran is concerned as well. Someone needs to challenge the U.S. on their unchecked effort to gain power.

On another subject, the cabinet for the People's Republic of China is making progress on their issues. A high-powered anonymous official in the Chinese government approached Xinhua willingly to share all the best examples of progress they are making. The Chinese Government has officially decided to support the Hong Kong police in their fight against the violent protestors in Hong Kong. The government refuses to tolerate such actions of terrorism that have attempted to destroy the beauty of Hong Kong. Furthermore, there has been a recent discovery that there is an increase in shipments of certain chemicals and components that are used to build explosives. The police have no tolerance for these materials and are making progress on finding who sent them.

Finally, the Chinese Cabinet is sending its Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Commerce to meet with two U.S. delegates in Florida to end the trade war. Naturally, after hearing about the rogue nature of the United States, one has a right to be worried about the safety of our officials. Is this what the U.S. means by bringing us "to our knees?" More updates to follow.