CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

The case for western intervention in Venezuela

IPD Article Image - The case for western intervention in Venezuela

By Ajay Jejurikar, The Sydney Morning Herald (Editorial):

In the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Issues Committee (SOCHUM), member states are debating solutions to the Venezuelan crisis. The representatives of China, Venezuela, El Salvador and Syria support cooperation with the Venezuelan government, whereas the US, France and Jordan hope to implement democracy in Venezuela. With the crisis getting exponentially worse, government intervention is the most optimal solution to this crisis.

Over the past several years, Venezuela’s government has violently oppressed its civilians. The rogue regime has murdered innocent protesters and limited free speech. As a result, millions of refugees have fled the unstable nation. Clearly, Venezuela’s current government model negatively impacts its civilians.

Fortunately, western intervention in Venezuela would lead to the adoption of democratic ideals in the state. As emphasized by the representative of the United States, a regional democratic system would support, provide for and liberate the people of Venezuela from oppressive policies. Furthermore, a democratic government would discourage mass immigration from the region, as the Venezuelan people would be protected by democratic policies.

On the other hand, preserving Venezuela’s “national sovereignty” would allow its government to commit heinous crimes without repercussions. As evidenced by the representative of France, Venezuela’s government commits atrocious acts when the international community looks away.

As SOCHUM moves towards voting procedure, it is imperative that the U.N. permits western intervention in Venezuela.