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Editorial: The Case for Protesting on University Campuses

IPD Article Image - Editorial: The Case for Protesting on University Campuses

By Rachel Block, The Guardian

In the U.S. Senate, politicians are discussing the civil unrest in American communities. In speeches given by senators, many have expressed concern over the ongoing protests happening on university campuses throughout the country, specifically those at Columbia University in New York City.

Several republicans in the Senate have expressed their disapproval of the university protests. Sen. Nelson (WI) stated: “There is no excuse for what is happening on college campuses around the country,” just before announcing his official bid to run for president in the upcoming election. Senator Long (LA) expressed, “The use of terms like ‘equal rights’ is just a ploy to prioritize minorities above others. These protests are acts of violence, not change.”

The recent and tragic assassinations of both Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy show the lack of compassion and the loss of symbols of equality and freedom in the United States. The young people enrolled in universities in the U.S. are getting educated and they are the voices of tomorrow. These voices have gone through shootings, riots, and protests to defend their first amendment rights that they should already have based on the constitution of their country. They should be heard.

Source for image: (Dennis Caruso/New York Daily News)