CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

The Arab League: A committee of progress

IPD Article Image - The Arab League: A committee of progress

Last night, the Arab League made significant progress in resolving issues that plague the region. Earlier today, they passed a resolution to address the Arab Spring conflict. “We, as a region, are committed to ensuring each person’s religious and personal freedoms,” declared the representative of Oman.

Furthermore, the Arab League discussed the issue of Kurdish independence from Iraq. Many member states argued that Kurdish independence in the region would cripple Iraq’s economy.

“Creating a Kurdish city-state in Iraqi territory would be devastating to Iraq,” lamented the representative of Algeria.

Initially, a select few supported the formation of an independent Kurdish state in Iraq. However, these states were eventually convinced that the Kurdish population would be properly represented in the Iraqi government.

“We firmly believe that the Kurdish population is treated fairly and represented properly in Iraq,” noted the representative from Saudi Arabia.

Finally, member states in the Arab League unanimously agreed that Kurdish independence would destabilize the region. “We have reached a general consensus that Kurdish independence is not an optimal solution,” concluded the representative of Oman.

Despite recent progress, the Arab League still has several pressing issues left to address. Nevertheless, unanimous cooperation in the committee is a step towards regional stability.